Monday, March 5, 2012

2 days of fun!

So after a great Saturday on the bike (not the punctures, but getting through it) Sunday was my long run day.

Sleeping in a little meant that I was going to run doing the middle of the day...Perfect for running training for an Ironman as every Ironman I have ever done, I am always running after midday. So I set off at 11am with a plan to get as close to the 3hrs as possible. Nothing fancy just a good long run.

So I loaded my fuel belt and off I went. Felt weird wearing one again and I know that my shape is not as good as Kona due to the belt just being a little tight ;), must lay off the chocolates again!

Getting to the 1/2 way mark and having ticked off just under 19k's I was rather happy as I was moving along rather well for me. The nutrition was working well and the legs were going along just fine. My feet were letting me know that I was running, but nothing of a concern.

At the 32k mark I started to battle a bit, prob not enough intake for the conditions, however I was surprised that my legs and body were still feeling ok. Finishing up with 37.6k in the 3hrs was awesome and was really happy with it especially after a big day on the Saturday.

This capped of a great week for me..just on 19hrs training, with a run focus and ending up with 110ks in the legs (my 3rd biggest run week ever). To my surprise even my feet pulled up well, maybe it is not to late to achieve what I want!

The big goal is to replicate that for another week 1/2 before I taper. Throw the wedding in this weekend and it is going to be a battle.

The motto for now is the song below. A Queen classic!! Sums up just about all my training to date.

Today included a sleep in to recover and then a 2hr Mag trainer this evening. I was rather
surprised how much I loved it, could have just kept going. But at these times you really have t
o know where the boundaries are and know how close you can push them before you fall over. I am finding them and giving them a good old fashioned nudge.

Tomorrow I am back in the water and then will get the legs going gain tomorrow night with a mid length run with some intensity.

Time is running out and is waiting for no-one. I am on the IM Melbourne train and it is coming to town fast. I can either decide to jump aboard and see where it takes me or let it go by and start wondering. I am All Aboard!!

This one is for you Mum... (25/12/53 - 25/03/07)

On another note and very special for me, my brother Brian and his partner Livy had their first baby over the weekend, Harrison James. Now that was the second special thing for me over the weekend. The first one was my best mate and is as close as a brother as my blood ones are, Paul and his wife Erin had their 2nd baby, Lily Maya. Photos are below:

Harrison James on the left & Lily Maya on the right.

This takes my tally to 2 children, 2 God children, 2 nephews, 3 nieces and with another one due this month, it is all happening around me!! The best way to be, as we all know babies are cute, but better when you hand them back!! hehehehe

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