Saturday, March 17, 2012


After re-reading my last blog entry from Thursday night, it seems as I was really down.

This was not the case at all, everything is going really well. On reflection I know the reason why it might have come across that way.

So, after a great Run session Wednesday evening I was going to the local shop to grab myself a drink. Walking up to the door and seeing the attendant on the other side I was in my own little world until....

I walked straight into the glass door. Unsure of what just happened, I had a brief thought that maybe the shop was shut. I was looking straight at the guy and then bang.... After I hit the glass, the door kindly decided to open for me, little late there!

Being dazed, an egg instantly appeared above my right eye, probably very close to splitting. Once the realisation on what just happened, I just burst into laughter. I received many apologies from the store owners, however my laughter turned into embarrassment very quickly.

15min later I was on my way. Drinks in hand....Tail between my legs. I was very flat all Thursday as obviously the knock to my head was rather hard and effective in knocking the wind from my sails.

After a good nights sleep, Friday was a different day. Up at 4.15am for a treadmill session before I headed to swim squad. Another treadmill session followed Friday night and I felt like I hadn't missed a beat.

Today has included an hour run with a 2hr ride following and this afternoon is another 2hr run followed by a 2hr ride.

A few comments that I have received with a late taper have included:

Machines work better if they are used frequently!


never to late, come in hot not fried

So with this in mind and the program for Super Coach, things are still looking great. At the end of the day I want to end back here:

Not only do I want to get back, I want to go back with some of my closest mates and have a great time with them all.

Now that's a true indication of where things are at, thinking clearly, able to wear goggles also, makes a big big difference.

This one is for you Mum (25/12/53 - 25/03/07)...

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