Friday, March 23, 2012


So, 2 days out and a total R&R day. Just the day preparing myself for Sunday, getting my bike set up, my numbers done, my nutrition ready.

Along with this included shopping for carb loading, along with taper week, it is the part of Ironman that I don't actually like. I enjoy my food and drink, however feeling like I am forcing it down is not enjoyable.

Now as I have stated in previous blogs, I first got introduced to the P's by Fos. He is big on getting things right and I suppose that's why I am not stressed. I am prepared, I have done the training and am getting everything ready.

Along with the preparation comes experience, and I can account for 5 Ironman races and almost a dozen 70.3 or Long Course races. So along with learning how to prepare correctly for the race, I know what works for me. Now my method is not right for everyone, however I have learnt from previous attempts and near misses what I can do and can't do in my preparation.

The following statement really defines many aspects of my life. When I am going well both physically and emotionally, I simply make it happen, when things are down a little, want replaces the word make. The last 3-4 weeks have most definitely been making it happen. Making my choices without regrets which I know will give me the result that I want.

In saying this, I have been forced to do things that I would never usually do in an Ironman build, mix things up and take a few training risks. I have really responded to these well and the final verdict will be once I cross that line on Sunday.

This whole journey has been about me setting my own goals, ticking my own boxes and being ultimately responsible to myself. So as long as I continue to do this i will be:

Opinions from others doesn't affect me or my race plans, I can only control what I can do. I can alter my plans along the way, however I cannot worry about what others are doing. I see this way too often and see people lose track of their own progress, plans or goals. I just stick to what I am setting out to do.

On a final note, I have found my new number 1 fan, a mate's daughter. Absolutely gorgeous. See below.

This one is for you Mum...(25/12/53 - 25/03/07)

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