Thursday, March 15, 2012

A few days closer

So after a Magic weekend at great mate Watto's wedding and having 4 total days off training, I was ready to get going again Monday.

A long ride and hard run with Benny Hughes gave me just the session I needed. Backing this up with another long run on the Tuesday and I feel like the ball is still rolling my way. The following 2 days have been a perfect mix.

This gives me just over a week until race day. A few more days of quality and then all systems are off until Melbourne.

Not much to really report. Back into the pool tomorrow for a week and then a monster weekend again.

This has been the most interrupted prep that I have had, however with the expertise from Andrew, things are still going along ok.

I am getting more excited for the guys that I coach and the conversations that I am having with them regarding their first Ironman Adventure and I could honestly not be happier with where they are and the goals they are setting out to achieve. All things going well, we are ALL going to have a great day.

I will endeavour to blog again over the weekend!

This one is for you Mum... (25/12/53 - 25/03/07)

Getting close to the 5yr anniversary :-(

This is going to drive me to push even harder on race day.

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