Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just rolling with it...

Because any time soon it could go pear shaped.

So with that in mind and the guidance of Andrew, I am just playing things by war, trying to add some cramming in with my training without going overboard. Trying to get the run legs back without destroying my feet. Just trying to find that balance! Going close to the edge to get the most out of the time remaining without taking one step too many.

I have nothing to really lose at this point, but so much to gain. And it is the gains that I am seeking. Over the last few months, there have been different strategies that we have applied and they have not worked, so by mutual decision and fantastic guidance, I am confident that things are heading in the right direction fast.

We are learning about what my body is coping with and what it isn't. The goal is to try and get 100k's of running in the legs for the next 2 weeks, kinda make or break. I know cramming isn't the best method, however at this late stage and with such an interrupted build up, there is no other option. I am never one to go in half cooked and if things don't go to plan, I cannot say that I didn't try.

By doing this method, the running frequency is mixing really well with speed work and endurance. The combination of treadmill running and running outdoors is giving me a good mix of get some really good speed in the legs and also easier runs in the fresh air. I am finding that I have no where near as much speed in the legs as what I did in my Kona build however, I also know that my base is still there. When trying to run at that intensity, I am often out of my comfort zone. I LOVE THIS!!

As we enter the last few weeks, the emotions for me are growing in the absence of my mum. Someone who used to take me to my sports when I was younger, support me through every sport that I tried, who flew to Cairns to watch my first 1/2 Ironman amongst so many other things. Dad and I are like 2 peas in a pod, both love our cycling, compete against each other...still, although Fos is trying hard but not quite at the same level at what he was. (Keep trying it might come back!!) hehehehe

Mum, although was a sportsperson in her own right, it wasn't really the sports I played, so to have that support when I was younger is invaluable now. I just know that come March 25th 2012 (5 years to the day after your passing) you will be watching down on me giving me all the support like you used to.

Although the sport is addictive and consumes a whole lot of my life in both as an athlete and a coach, there are times where I just like to let my hair down. This is what makes the sport more enjoyable for me, the ability of switching it off and going back to being a 33y.o who loves to party and getting amongst it. I have already organised a few Lionel nights after IM and am looking forward to that as much as I am securing another Kona Spot.

With this in mind, the next picture does contain an offensive word, however sometimes it is just the best way to think.

Tomorrow is back in the pool and if the feet are up to it, another run in the evening. I am really looking forward to the weekend and seeing how the boys go in New Zealand. I am also hoping that the weather is nasty just to get out amongst it is going to be GOLD!

This one is for you Mum...(25/12/53 - 25/03/07)

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