Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back in it for the long haul

So, after a pretty solid week I was looking forward to a long ride with the lads today. A few softies pulled the pin after the weather forecast... Not mentioning anyone!!

We headed out nice and early with a solid 6hrs the plan. After 40k's I hit some metal and shredded my tyre...see below.

This put a slight hold on the ride, however with Darz spotting me a $50 to fix the hole for the ride. So back into and then Jas punctured. That fixed and we were off.

Getting into Geelong for the turnaround, another puncture, I had ran over a staple and had a slow leak. Lucky for us, Fos lives near by, so a quick pitstop, change tyre, restock tubes and we were off. Darz then realised that he had lost his spare bag, no buggy at the we thought.

After 10k's back into the ride, more punctures. This time I had to ride back to find his spares bag as we were out of tubes, canisters and anything else that could possibly help repair the tube. After a bit of time we were back going, the weather changed and we were getting wet. For some bizarre reason, I was having a ball out there today, loving riding into the wind, the punctures did annoy me a little bit, butt just really loved the long haul.

Once back to the cars and 185k's later we headed out for our run. My legs were feeling really good so I thought that I would have a bit of a dip. Getting the first k done in 4min I thought that I would just do the same for the 40mins. 9.5k's later and legs feeling really good the run was done. The smile on my face was evident that I was really happy with the result of the days training. My body felt good, my feet held up well.

The afternoon was a quick bite to eat and then a massage, geez I needed that, after chalking up 75k's running this week and my long run tomorrow, I was sore in lots of spots, but very happy to have had the body tampered with!

So that brings me to tomorrow.... I am hoping to get through a really solid long run and have a ride off the back of it to finish a great week. The weather is not going to stop me, maybe make me look like a drowned rat, but none the less I am going to have a great time. Fingers crossed the feet can handle the 100+ k's that I would have pumped into them by the days end. Then to see if I can repeat next week.

Am glad to be making some inroads again. I am no where near my Kona shape but working towards it. Probably about 75% of it right now with a few more solids weeks to go I am hoping to get 85-90% of where I was. This would be a great result!

This one is for you Mum...(25/12/53 - 25/03/07)

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