Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 10: Almost 2 weeks til race Day!

Yep, that's about it. Just over 2 weeks until all my hard work, commitment and dedication gets put to the test to see where I pit myself against the top Age Groupers across the world.

Wow, hasn't time flown, well it has for me and I can't really believe that I am here doing this. The excitement is starting to build as I know that it is close before I see my family, friends and other athletes that I know who are also competing.

The town is starting to gather some buzz now as a few shops are setting up with their Ironman apparel and there are more and more Professional athletes about the place, from the swimming pool to out on the bike to even jogging about town (haha, these guys don't jog, EVER, they are moving quickly!!).

For me the realization of what is just around the corner is still just there, however I do know that very very soon it will be right in my face and I will be in that athlete filled start line which turns into a washing machine when the cannon fires.

The days training was nothing too big as we wanted the previous days training to be absorbed into the body. So a 4.5k swim was in order in the morning under the gorgeous Hawaiian Sun. I am still enjoying swimming everyday and the variation from pool to open water is keeping my mind fresh. I still feel like my swimming is making slight improvements by doing this and it was evident by me going under 30sec twice for the 50yards. I know it is not a 50metre pool, however previous days I was only hitting 31sec.

The pool is getting more and more packed with athletes so choosing your time to get there is just about as important as the session itself! The swimming etiquette is different to back home as the general rule is that there is 2 per lane and you swim on one side of the lane up and back. If you are feeling really generous, you can let others jump in with you and swim the traditional way. This sucks for me as I haven't quite got my head around swimming on the opposite side to what I am used to.

Followed by the swim, it was time to head out for a run along Ali'i Drive. The sun was out in full force and I actually felt pretty good running under the sun. (After 180k's getting smashed by the wind on the bike race day might change my opinion of that though!!) 40mins later the training day was complete. Still sweating after 20min of completing the session you really start to realise how much fluid you lose out there and the whole drink whenever you can mindset is really starting to sink in for me.

A little afternoon siesta was on the cards post run and 2 hrs later I was refreshed again. No more training for the day, so I spent the next hour or so using my Trigger Point Therapy gear to help ease the aches and pains of the muscles that have been getting put to good use recently.

Taco's was on the menu for dinner and I must admit I did go about making a pig of myself smashing down a good 6-7 before I tidied up the remaining ingredients in a roll!!

My dessert of choice has been a banana split with Jam and Herseys Chocolate. Unusual as I am not really a big dessert fan, but I am loving these most nights!

A new day of training begins soon which will entail a ocean swim, a bike and a run along the Queen k. This will be new run for me as all my runs have been along Ali'i drive currently.

The Rocket Science Sports Swim Skin should arrive today and if they are as good as the other Rocket Gear that I use, I cannot wait to get it on. Thanks to Scott (XOSize) & Marcin (RSS) for organising this for me. GREATLY appreciated.

For now...


PS...I have a whole lot more photos to upload, however having a few technical issues, so as soon as I sort them out, I will post more photos.

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