Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 16: A day of nothing!

A day of nothing. Today being rest day number 2, I have done nothing and loved every minute of it!!

I have only left the apartment twice, once was to go organise a massage for tomorrow and the second time was to go to the farmer's market to grab some fresh produce for lunch and dinner.

Watching a fair bit of television with my feet up has been the general order for the day. Touching base when some friends, family & my coach back home has also occupied part of the day.

I have also been receiving some really awesome messages from people that I would never expect to receive them from and also people that I would expect to receive from, so I thank you for them. I will paste them below, without the names attached:

Hey Xavier,

I'm really enjoying your blog and hearing all about your journey in Kona. You say that people have inspired you, well I thought I'd let you know that you're also inspiring others :)

G'day Xavier,

Hope all is well over in Kona and your training is going to schedule. Keep your blog entries happening as it is great reading and is generating a fair amount of interest over here.

hey big fella,
wen you get a chance reply to this and let me know how things are going. i've been reading all your blogs and it sounds good. it's keeping me motivated mate so thanks.

Good to hear its going great guns over there.. Might have to make the trip next year to see all the action.

Best of luck buddy. Hope you execute your race the way you have planned. Must say, the training and planning have been epic and meticulous in equal measures. Looking forward to reading the race report.

Thanks if it wasn't for you i wouldn't have got that far. If only I could be there for your ultimate goal.

keep your chin up mate. its not a disgrace to be standing in your shoes. or peddling! Trust your training mate, once you are settled in you will be set.

I really enjoying receiving these, so thanks to all and for those that I have not posted (and there are plenty of them) thanks also.

I must be getting more and more acclimatised due to the fact that the a/c is on less and less and the temperature has been turned off at a higher temp now. I am also finding parts of the water cool when swimming now.

Seeing a fellow Australian guy who landed today who was sweating like I was 2 weeks ago was also pleasing due to the fact that I really did today was overly hot!

Tomorrow I resume my training with a lot less volume also, just to start fine tuning myself ready to be in A1 shape come race day. An afternoon massage is also in order.

Time to resume my R&R, followed by some dinner soon.

For now...


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