Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 5: Starting to feel normal

So, after being here a week and feeling some hot days, some humid days and some in between days, I feel like things are starting to feel normal for me.

The weather, the time difference, the water (first few days, let's say I was very regular!), the culture and of course training on the opposite side to what I am used to. Even in the pool you swim on the right side, is very interesting when you first get in. The other funny thing is that many people just swim side by side to prevent a third person entering the lane....Gives a new meaning for 3's a crowd!

5200yds (still getting my head around the whole 25yd pool) later and the session was done. I cannot repeat myself enough when I say how easy it is to swim in these conditions!!

The afternoon was spent either poolside (which I will post a photo tomorrow) or kicking back in the unit.

A 45min run followed with what felt like a cooling breeze (today would be perfect race conditions) then a great fish and vegies for dinner. This was finished off with:

If you can't work out what it is.....banana split with melted Chocolate and hot Jam.....Gold in a bowl!!

For someone who isn't a dessert fan, I must say that this was 'A1'.

The sunsets here in Kona are amazing, you have to be ready for them as they disappear as quickly as they appear. Here is a pic form my room:

Tomorrow is my first real test out there with a 4 hour ride including some long efforts and with the unpredictability of the weather so far (no 2 days being the same) who knows what is going to be thrown my way. Only time will tell.

For now...


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