Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 15: Rest Day 1

Why is it that all you want to do is eat on a rest day?? The body is not training, you have your feet up and all you feel like is food. Not just any kind of food..The best kind - JUNK FOOD.

Resisting this is always hard, you try to be good and eat right, but that just never fills you up. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Maybe it was the body trying to tell me to put back in what I had been burning?!? Who knows, but for most part of the day it was a challenge to resist.

The day was perfect. Having the whole day off just to lounge around meant that a few movies were watched on the tv, a light swim was had late in the afternoon, some trigger point therapy on my legs and of course a little siesta.

I thought I did rather well not consuming a ridiculous amount of calories yesterday, although the odd 1 or 2 extra did sneak in there some how.

Today is going to be in exactly the same fashion as yesterday, plenty of nothing!

I also need to make a HUGE shout out to a few people as I had a little nutrition miscalculation for the following weeks. Bill & Gail Sinclair (Possibly the greatest people of all time), Scott Harvey, Tim T, Pete C & Justin S for trying to locate my nutrition back home and organising to get it over her for me in time for my next amount of training going into the race and also for the race.

I can say that without their help, plan B would have had to be derived very fast and tested to make sure that it would have worked. Only problem is, I never had a plan B. My nutrition has been perfect all this lead up, even in the heat here at Kona after 5hrs on the bike. So I didn't think a plan B was necessary. What I also didn't know before I got here was how much extra that I would be going through whilst I am here. The gatorade tub count is up over 5 empties in 2 weeks. Lucky it was $3.50 per tub (on sale) when I bought my tubs.

Other than that, the day was completed as required. Today will see a massage take place before my legs get put up and hopefully some more good movies to watch.

For now...


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