Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 13: One I want to sweep under the carpet.

For ever!

Today was probably the worst training rides that I have ever had. Usually I know why things went pair shaped, however today, I have no answers.

My nutrition was spot on, consumed 12 bottles over the 180k journey with the usual mix of my nutrition/hydration. My heart rate was in the right zones, my legs never ever got sore at any stage of the ride.

I just couldn't get going.

This is so unusual for me. Yes I have sessions that I wish that I could repeat, but more often than not, I know why they occurred

It could be lack of sleep, a few too many beverages, wrong food the previous night or simply can't be bothered.

Not today..

No beverages :(, sleeping 10hours per night, eating better than I ever have (I mean ever!!) and I am so motivated right now and am loving everything about this preparation. My program has been tailored to give me BIG sessions, but also BIG recovery. It shouldn't be this way. I should be tired, granted, but I don't even feel tired.

As I sit writing this blog, I am not even that "wiped out" like I most likely should be. My body is feeling fine and even in my run post ride I was really happy with. My swim was great, why this with my ride today.

To add insult to my bad day, 2 of my tyres deflated during the ride and had to change them, but are fully inflated now, more than 6hours post ride. That also has questions that I have no answers for.

I am just dumbfounded why, I felt like I was towing a full peleton of riders all hanging off string behind me. Nope, not the case. I also felt like my tires were sticking to the road.

Why do I care so much? This was my last long ride pre-race. I can't get it back, I can't re-do the session, I just have to live with the fact that my last long ride was a disaster. No next week. My only hope is that I can really nail my rides later this week to redeem myself.

I have my last long run tomorrow, 2hrs 45min, and let's hope that I can hit that nail smack bang on the head and have a cracking run. Unsure how I will be if things go pair shaped in that one also. Could just head to the Bar and write the whole weekend off. (The last part is only going to happen post race regardless of my session tomorrow, have done FAR too much to throw it away now!!).

Taper starts Monday and I really want to go into that knowing that I have finished everything that I should have the way I should have.

Bed is calling my name now, hoping to wake up knowing my ride was just a bad dream?!?

For now...


PS... Even the best pro's surely have bad days? Please the answer be yes!!

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