Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 2: time to get used to the weather..

So after an easy day yesterday settling in, today resumed some of the normality that I know, 3 sessions of training. Albeit small sessions, but enough to know that this place will take hold of you if you are not ready.

The day started with an easy 1hr ride, which I decided to ride to the energy lab to suss it out before I actually run there. I can see why that place is so intimidating. When you enter, the temp rises by a few degrees. It is ok going in as it is downhill, however coming back out is the difference. A slight rise, enough to make you understand that this place can be unforgiving. Nothing else really to report, apart from riding on the opposite side of the road is taking me a little while to get my head around, even walking the streets!!

A small 25 min run followed, the sun was out and to be honest 25 min felt closer to 50 is hard to explain. One this week is over and. Have some k's in the legs in these conditions it might be easier.

Adding sunscreen is a must also, I didn't worry about it this morning as it was only a small session, however the arms got a nice toasting today. Lunch was down the street, as the place is still quiet with not many athletes about, there really isn't any hype to talk of yet.

This afternoon was a small swim.... Instead of going to the pool (which is 25 yards) I decided to head out into the ocean with a few others. That place is amazing, reminds me a bit of the Great Barrier Reef with the fish, turtles and other sea life that you see. 30 mins of that was s easy to do (could have easily been out there for longer). The warmer weather makes things so easy t get motivated for and get done.

Kona in general is an amazing place and the locals are so nice and considerate to pedestrians and cyclists. Nothing like back home where you wouldn't dare to step out on the road without a little green man flashing at you. Here, even if you are not at lights, the carts wave you across the road.

I have been reading Mark Cavendish's book and one line caught my eye, and I believe it is so true, "passion is the difference between riding 100 percent and 110 percent. Passion allows you to suffer through pain."

This has been planted in my since I read that line and one that I will constantly remind me over the next 4 weeks when I am hurting. Remind myself why I am here and the journey and sacrifices that I have made. ( even if things don't go well race day, I would have done everything that I could) is that passion??

Tomorrow is another lighter day with just a swim in the morning and then r&r for the remainder of the day. To be honest, right now feels like a relaxing holiday with a little bit of training to do. I know as of the weekend things will be in reverse and I will be back doing 6-7 hr rides in these conditions along with 2-3 hour runs. So this week am going to do exactly what I am programmed to and nothing more, because next week the training will be brutal.

Another early night will be In store tonight to try and get used to the time difference.

For now...

X-Man this living the dream or what??

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