Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 3: welcome to Hawaii, the heat is on.

To be honest the last couple of days have been very manageable, if not enjoyable with the heat, or lack of!!

Today I got my first dose of it. It was hot, not very humid, but HOT! Something that I realized that I need to get used to. Although today only entailed a swim, 5500 yards of it ( very weird doing 1k efforts in a 25yard pool, that's 4 more laps than normal, try getting your head around that!!) the weather knock me about. I was also required to stroll the streets for some of the day in the heat and I am glad I did. It has given me a new perspective and respect for the place. Back when I was here watching in 2009 it was hot, but. Only flew in watch the race, got badly burnt and flew home looking like a tomato.

This time I have to get used to it, used to sweating, drinking all the time and training in it. That's if I want to have the race that I want. The afternoon involved a little nanna nap (2 hours) one that my dad would be proud of as he does after a training session on the weekend.

Tomorrow training starts properly and to be honest, i can't wait. As much as I have enjoyed the last few days, that's not what I am here for. I am here to train, eat, rest & recover.

It will be time to get familiar with the roads, the conditions and the sweat that I am going to lose. Time to start trying my nutrition plan, getting the salt tabs in and making sure that I stay hydrated out there.

Not much else to report, just got in from dinner and the evening is absolutely amazing. Sitting here on my balcony listening to live music really reminds me of how lucky my life is and the opportunity I have, and one thing for sure, I am going to make the most of it and enjoy everything that comes my way. Traveling solo has been interesting and a great experience for me. One that only builds character and helps you appreciate everything that comes across your path.

For now...

X-Man will be uploaded as of tomorrow.

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