Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 11: A BIG thanks to those who support me!

Things went really well today.

A 45min ocean swim in the morning and I am wrapped with how my arms are feeling. Getting slightly heavy from fatigue, however am moving through the water better than what I expected.
What was the most enjoyable & satisfying part of my day was my brick session starting at noon.

Ticking over the 90min ride was very enjoyable and I am definitely getting used to the conditions here. Another 90min run followed, where I was able to get through 21k. That was very satisfying as my legs still felt great post session. The run can be found here:

A Monster bowl of pasta was on order for dinner and that brought a wrap to a great day training.

I want to send a massive THANKS to following people who are continually supporting me during my Ironman racing and without the listed people things would not be able to go as smoothly as they currently do:

Scott from XOSIZE for continually supporting me with ALL my sporting apparel. A great product which has definitely aided with me getting to where I am now.

Marcin from Rocket Science Sports for producing the fastest race gear going around. If you haven't tried Rocket Gear, you don't know what you are missing!

Karl from Schnell Wheels for providing me with my wheels for this race. Schnell = FAST!

David from Hammer Nutrition for providing me with my fuel to be able to compete at the level I do.

Ofcourse Coach Andrew from Triathlon & Multisport Coaching for providing the most individualised and customised program any athlete can ask for!

One of my biggest motivators during the winter was my Sister, who after 2 kids, 3 knee reconstructions & carrying a little bit extra was able to pound away on the treadmill, the road, ride the mag trainer, tow her kids in a trailer whilst she rode everywhere. She gave me no excuses why I couldn't train not having to worry about anything that she had gone through.

It made me have a good look at myself if I wasn't motivated at any time. She made me lift my game when my attitude became complacent. You are an amazing person Naomi and once you pop out number 3, we will be able to reach your goal of not only doing a 1/2 Marathon, but also get you through an Ironman. You don't know how much you helped me through winter to also get me in the shape that I am!

By you getting up, fitting in your training around your family also made me realise that I just could never ever miss a session. So I thank you so much for this!! Love you Sis :-)

All my training partners not only current ones, but also training partners that I had when I was going through my first Ironman right through to the guys that I have been training with recently to get me through to my 5th and biggest to date.

To all those that have done an Ironman race, the below picture will be a familiar sight. My toe nail next to my big toe.... It is usually post race that you lose the nail, but mine is dead and I am trying to dispose of it currently. This will mean no post race sore toes...GREAT thing!!

Below are just another couple of pics from training during the day.

I am on the left running along the Queen K and by the looks of it I might have been upgraded to an athlete!! And on the right is Carla running a little bit later, moving along quiet nicely. (Both feet off the ground!!)

For now...


PS...40x100m on the 1.30 cycle is on the cards first thing in the morning!! Ouch!

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