Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 1....reality is here!

As I sit in the hotel lobby typing this blog, the town is so calm and peaceful, there is not much activity at all. I went for a stroll earlier to find a light dinner only to find most places only having a handful of diners. Of course this will change over the upcoming weeks.

It feels like I have been away for ages already, having an overnight flight always makes the time drag a little. Hawaii is 20 hrs behind AEST and the best way to work it out is to add 4hours to the time and go back a day.

It was a relatively uneventful flight/s from melb to syd with a few rookie errors made by myself. Nothing major, just things I now know what to do, this comes from experience.

The flight from Sydney to Honolulu was intesresting as I was seated next a rather good sized man, who was very nice, but also said a rather ironic statement. He was hoping that he didn't have to sit next to a larger person who took up some of his seat along with their own. Welcome to my world Dave( that was his name). Dave snored like an old steam train and was well and truly planted in his seat. My only option to get out and about was to stand up when he did and go to the toilet, get a drink stretch my legs etc. So this made for very light sleeping as I didn't want to miss any opportunity to stretch.

Getting off the plane in Honolulu wasn't as bad as 2009, where the heat and humidity slapped me in the face. This time the weather was cooler 26-28 deg and humidity was lower than I expected, however probably still around the 75-80% mark. The weather has been weird for most part as when the sun appears, it is rather uncomfortable sit the heat/humidity. When the sun disappears, it is perfect. I had a bite to ea at Lava Java (apparently the place to be, but isn't really a must "hang out" spot for me). Then I went to find the local pool which was magic, doing 100yard swims definitely makes you feel like you are swimming fast!!

From there a few little nanna naps and then proceeded to set my bike up. Noticing that the bike box had been opened and inspected, the (insert expletive here) had broken the clips on the side and the handle to wheel it. Never mind I am in Hawaii!!

Tomorrow it all starts again with 3 small sessions just to get used to the conditions. The rest of week is in a similar vein with the weekend really kicking off proceedings again, which I am looking forward to.

Now it is time to try and get some shut eye.

For now...


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