Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 12: Fatigue saying "hello"

Today was a day that a few signs of fatigue were breaking through. This was the plan as taper is just around the corner.

A 4.8k swim this morning included 40 x 100 efforts which did destroy my arms towards the end. My arms were reasonably heavy at the beginning of the session and at the end, I was really happy to get out of the pool and go for breakfast. I met another Australian "kid" yesterday which was good as he was travelling totally solo and he joined us for breakfast. So between the 4 of us at breakfast we had swam a combined 20k for the morning.

This young fella does go ok also, his name Matt Burton, finished a lazy 4th outright at Yeppoon recently and we decided to hook up for our long ride together tomorrow. It will be good to have someone for company for the entire 6hrs or so.

A really easy ride followed which included a little bit of shopping for supplies for the race. A new pair of shoes were in order for me. Unsure if they will be my race day shoes, but were definitely comfortable in my afternoon run.

The run in the afternoon/evening was great, it took my legs a while to get going, but by the end of the run I was moving along quite comfortably. The heavens threatened to open whilst I was running, usually this would cool you down, but not here. It just adds to the humidity and I had sweat dripping from me like i was standing under a slow dripping shower.

The weather has been really weird so far. Nothing consistent, it has rain the last 3 nights and has been overcast for most part of the day. The humidity is crazy and when the sun does pop out the temperature rises drastically. I can't say this enough that I am so glad I got here this early as getting here just prior to the race will be a BIG shock to the system.

I have also been able to ride the course a few times (incl tomorrow), run the course in sections and become really familiar with the swimming conditions. Time will tell if it has really paid off, however for now, I really feel that it has.

For now...


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