Saturday, September 10, 2011

Within striking distance...

Unfortunately nerves are somewhat setting upon me. I didn't think this would happen so early, however with not being much of a traveller myself this might be some of the reason. The last week has been tough with mixed emotions regarding a few facets of my life and with training still going along so well, my energy for a few things is waining. There is only so many times you can be a rock, listen to people's problems (question it really a problem in the scheme of things?), trying to catch up with many friends, tidying up some work, maintain my training intensity and still have time to myself.

Leaving so soon give me mixed feelings as it means the race is within striking distance ( I know that I will be ready! ), and gives me the opportunity to just eat, sleep & train. I will miss my normal life for the 5 weeks that I am away, however I think that I will give myself the chance to just do what I need to do without the distractions that fall our way in day to day times.

I will be lonely over there, however having my support crew coming in race week will keep me excited as I count down to seeing them. Updating this blog will also keep me occupied as it will spell the final chapter in the reason why I started this blog. To blog my journey to Ironman and beyond (Hawaiian Ironman). After this race, there will be many more Ironmans for me, however like my first Ironman and the memory I have from that, nothing will be able to remove the memory of my first Hawaiian Ironman race.

My mental strength has been tested over the last few weeks with combining everything into my life and no doubt will be tested again over the upcoming weeks as I battle the Gods of the Big Island, not only in training but also race day. Andrew has not only tested me mentally, but also physically over the last 6-8 months and is continually pushing the boundaries for both aspects. Learning to ride a Wind Trainer building from 1hr to 5hrs certainly tests out what you have along with running on a treadmill for up to 90 mins in a room of 25+ deg and humidity around the 80% mark at times. Although this has been tough, I know that it will have nothing on what I am about to put myself through over the next 4 weeks.

I look forward to taper week, however for me, that is the toughest week of all the preparation leading into a race. The week where you no longer can get fitter, faster or stronger. The week where you start questioning yourself about what you have done, what you missed and what you could have done better. For me I know the answers to all those, but I will still ask myself. I liken taper week to going through a random breath test when you haven't been drinking. You the answer to the question, however you still get nervous when you get tested. I know that I have done it all, but still doubt will creep in.

Training for over 25hrs a week has been a great opportunity and one that I have enjoyed for most part, of course there are sessions that you dread, however with the training partners that I have, I consider myself a very lucky person. There are too many of you to thank personally, however you know who you are and take credit for assisting in getting me into the position & condition that I am. Of course there have been 'the main players' but without a large group, this would have been a lot harder than it has been. Tomorrow is no different, nor will the time in Kona be. I can only say a BIG BIG THANKS!

One day I hope that I can repay the favor and help all of you get into the shape you need to be.

Another big thanks goes to Karl from for supplying me some uber fast wheels to take to Kona with me. I will post some more pics once I have them available.

Right now it is time to keep preparing my last minute list of things that I need to do before I go.

For now...X-Man