Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 4: Normality begins

After a few easy days settling in the Kona, the training/normality finally kicked. I was really looking forward to this as mush as I could easily kick back and have a relaxing holiday, this is not the reason that I am here.

So Day 4 was the beginning that I had been waiting for, albeit a smaller session to start with, still something to get me going. A 2hr ride with some efforts along the Queen K, followed by a run was exactly what I had craving.

To head out onto the Queen K is a weird experience, as there is absolutely so scenery at all. On the right you have:

Absolutely nothing to look at, nothing to occupy your mind. When I mean nothing, there is nothing, no wild life, no birds, just exactly as the picture shows.

Then on the left you have:

Pretty much the same however you do get to look at picture perfect water. I got told that you can usually tell if the wind is going to pick up as you see "white caps" on the waves. this day, nothing....and there was still enough breeze to inform me that when the wind picks up, it is going to be nasty!!

The road in front looks as follows:

So after a few hours I returned via the energy lab to take a few happy snaps:

The following ones are the energy lab, entry, entry road, turnaround point, exit road!!

To be honest, once you leave town, the scenery really dies off, in town it is absolutely amazing!

Here are some more random shots from out on the bike:

The above is the airport, it is like they have just built it in the middle of nowhere!!

By the looks of the above sign, I might be getting a few fines!!

Just another few random pics along the way.

The afternoon entailed another ocean swim, which with the fish below is easy to be distracted.

Will do another update tonight about today's affairs.

For now...


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