Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 7: Getting more comfortable

So after being here for a full 7 days, I am definitely getting a lot more comfortable with the conditions. I don't feel like the heat/humidity is affecting me as much as the first few days and training is a little easier each day.

I headed out for a 2 hour easy run in the morning and that was rather enjoyable. Nothing really to report here, just took my time and ticked off another session. I ran along Ali'i Drive which has some beautiful beaches to look at. It is the total opposite to the Queen k where there is nothing to look at. (see pics on previous post)

Once again the day was filled with r&r, however I did wonder down to the local market and get some fresh fruit and veggies. Super cheap and super yummy!!

The arvo ride out on the Queen K ( starting to know every single bump, crest & crack) . Once again there is not much about this road that really gets you excited apart from finishing the session!!

There is one weird part about it all though....the only sign of wildlife that you see are wild goats! Yep, goats. No birds (no angry magpies!!), nothing except for a few random goats. They seem to be in 3's, mother, father and Billy. The first time I rode past I thought that I was a chance of being charged. They did look a little angry, with that scenery, i would be also!! Hehehe they are harmless and I think curious, but they do run when you get closer to them.

I will try to remember to take a photo of them tomorrow.

Another light ocean swim followed in the arvo ( oh I love swimming in the ocean here) although it did feel cooler than previous days. A pork roast followed...white meat is so much cheaper than red meat also...weird!! I am swimming every day right now, even if just turning the arms over, and it is helping me keep my feeling in the water.

The legs are feeling good and the mind is perfect right now. I will be thoroughly tested this week though and might become a little angry with the Queen if she tears me a new one and I have no lube on. Could be a nasty outcome!

On my rest day, am off snorkeling, officially not just with my goggles on! So am looking forward to that.

For now...


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