Monday, September 5, 2011

Time is just ticking away!!

Being under the 5 week mark, where has time gone?  I have been so consumed by getting through all the training I didn't even realise that it was this close.

Many people have asked if I am getting excited yet....My common answer has been that I still have so much to do before I even head over there, let alone worry about what is going to unfold race day.

Training has been going along well, as we all do, I have had a few highs and lows.  I am just so thankful of my support crew, from friends to family, training partners to my coach.  I have received a few little reminders that things are going well even though some sessions feel like I am wasting my time being there.  I am constantly reminding myself that my times are where I want them to be and my training is influencing how I am feeling.  FATIGUED!!!

Swimming with Greg, although being very very beneficial has been tough as times as I feel as if I am forever chasing his tail (which I am!!), however after many sessions we have a mini debrief about how things are going and where we are both at.  The only thing that won't lie are the times we are doing.  He has helped me get my 1k PB down almost 1min 30sec this year and one that I am thankful for.  Although a few hissy fits on my behalf and also one monster pasting he gave me (after 37 x 100m efforts, that we only had 3 to go!!) things have been a whole lot of fun.

Biking is biking for me, a few extra challenges this time round with double rides on a Saturday being introduced.  This is weird as I have been struggling in the first ride, however coming good for the afternoon session.  The previous 2 weekends has seen me cover 220 & 230k's respectively on the Saturday followed up by a long run Sunday giving me around 13hrs training for each of the weekends.  I am happy where my bike legs are at and with some fine tuning along with some freshening up, I am confident that they will be cherry ripe come race day.

My running is also going well, although a minor error on Sunday saw me cover 42.5k's in one run (only 25min too long).  This has given me some good confidence here also as my legs were very heavy from the previous day and also being a training run, I got plenty out of this run.

The next few weeks, training becomes more challenging, however not intimidating like the current has been.  The training includes very long sessions, however long recovery between sessions, unlike now where I have many sessions weekly.

Only time will tell how the whole program has gone for me come race day and this time around I can say that I have done everything in my power to been in the best shape and have ultimately have my best race (as far as training and discipline goes).  Hawaii is a different kettle of fish and who knows what the gods will throw up on race day.  All I can do for now is keep ticking of boxes and keep my engine well tuned and well maintained.

For now...