Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 9: Massive Box ticked

Day 9 saw me endeavor to complete a 200k ride covering all the bike course.....and some!!

The wind was blowing in town which meant I was in for a tough day out on the queen k. I just didn't know which way it was blowing out there.

So venturing out it didn't seem to be too bad, however once I got 1hr into the ride, it really picked up and I was battling along at 20kph. Now one would think that I'd you have a head wind out, you get a tail wind back....Not always the case!!

I saw Chris Leito stop with a puncture and once he got going, didn't take him long to catch me and ride straight past like I was standing still, even into the wind. The guy can ride!! I even had to keep my ego in check as the chick he was riding with rode past me... I resisted trying to sit on her wheel as my ride being easy and I knew that I still had at least 5hrs left to go.

I continued on my way and once I got to the end of the queen k, did the normal left turn and then down a monster hill. Things did get a little hairy here as sitting on 60+kph and having gusts of wind blow you about, I just made sure that I hung on!! Stopping to refill my bottles, having gone through almost 3 in the first 2hrs.

The 30k climb up to Hawi is not that daunting as it is a step climb. However when the wind gets you, you almost stop.

I continued all the way there and a little further, turned and head home, I was now 3hrs into my ride. Back to the fill up point and I noticed that my rear wheel was going flat. That might be the reason for my slow climbing!! Or not..

This was my first real chance to change a tubular and had no issues in doing so either, refuel and off I went.

Back out onto the queen k and with the tail wind I found myself cruising along at 55, I thought that I might have a little crack and got my ride up to 60kph and ran out of gears.. My cadence was up near 120, ( must ring dad and get him to bring over a 11-23). Then what do you know, the wind changed and I was back into the head wind. That's the last thing that I needed, another headwind back into town, but as the road twisted along the coast it turned more into a cross wind.
The actual ride is here:

I managed to roll home in good condition and head out for my run, only 15min, but sometimes these are the ones that are hard to do. (it's only 15, won't hurt to miss it) wrong, every run matters and every run off the bike matters more!

After going through 11 bottles in the 6.5hrs of riding, I have come up with a motto:

If you are thirsty, drink.
If you are not thirsty, drink.
If you are unsure, drink.

Another 40min afternoon swim and the day was done.

I pulled up very well considering the condition and look forward to my next big ride Saturday.

I can say that I am loving this life of eat, sleep, train, relax, recover, repeat!

For now..


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